A Mother and Son Find Love After Being Reunited

There has been a big stir on the internet about a mother who gave her son up for adoption just 1 week after he was born.
Now the woman, Kim, is 51, and her son, Ben is 32. When they were reunited, they developed GSA ( genetic sexual attraction). They are both obviously consenting adults. They live together now and reside in Michigan.When they met, Ben was married, and the attraction he felt for his biological mother was so strong that he was honest with himself and his wife and he got a divorce. In my opinion, he did what was right for him. He didn’t lie or cheat, he did everything honestly.

Now Ben and Kim are in a happy and loving relationship, and just like any other couple they want to get married and have children together. unfortunately, the law says that they are in violation of incest laws, and even though they are both consenting adults who are not hurting anyone, nor have there been any complaints to the authorities of abuse, they could be facing a 3rd degree felony, and 15 years in prison, simply for being together and having sex.

To me this is extremely unfair and a gross miscarriage of justice. They are not hurting anyone and the police need to leave them alone. There are more pressing issues the police need to spend their time investigating such as rape, pedophilia and violence. There is no good reason for the police to concern themselves with what consenting adults do within their own homes and bedrooms.

Their story is a classic story of GSA (genetic sexual attration). According to the British Medical Journal up to 50% of people who are reunited with family members after they are adults experience this phenomenon called Genetic Sexual Attraction. When family members are reunited later in life they can sometimes experience an overwhelming love and emotion, including sexual emotion towards each other. This is perfectly normal for these situations.

I hope with time, more studies will begin and an understanding of this phenomenon will help the public to realize that the police have no business getting involved in situations like this.

My very best wishes to Kim and Ben.


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