Incest Subjects Jailed Again

This is an article that is a follow up to the first article &quote Local mother, son face charges of incest. I am including the follow up link here :

Incest suspects jailed again

It appears that the couple bonded out of jail, but there was a no contact order which they supposedly violated. So now the couple has unfortunately been jailed yet again.

They have secured a public defender, (which probably won’t help them any since it’s not a private attorney). This is a terrible miscarriage of justice. These two consenting adults are not harming anyone. What they do in their bedroom is nobody’s business but their’s.

I hope in the future, they will receive a favorable outcome in the court system. I have included links to the articles in a small article links section on this page for those that wish to read the articles. And of course, I will continue to update about this case as it happens.

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