Mother and Son Face Charges of Incest

mother and son face charges of incest
I came across a heartbreaking story about a mother and son who are both consenting adults. They are being prosecuted for being together. I have copied the link here :

Local mother, son face charges of incest

Basically, The couple met when both of them were adults. They fell in love and have been together. And now the authorities are poking their unneeded and unwelcome noses into the couples bedroom. I find this to be appalling. The couple are not hurting anyone. They are both adults, and are consenting to be with each other. The government has no right to get into this.

What a shame that law enforcement is wasting valuable resources prosecuting consenting adults, when their time and money would be much better spent prosecuting murderers, rapists, pedophiles and other violent criminals.

I will be following this case and posting updates as more news comes in.

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