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Note: I wrote an article about dealing with law enforcement in the USA, Jane wrote a similar article inspired by me to write one pertaining to people living in the UK. it comes from her website I have pasted it here:

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This article is inspired by my friend Cristina, who wrote her article on how to deal with the law a little while back, although hers is on how to deal with the American police. In the UK the processes and laws are a bit different than how they are in America, although there are some similarities. I believe other European countries probably have similar processes when somebody is arrested that they do here, although the exact process in each country has to be checked. Actually, it’s sad that articles like this are even necessary, but the truth is that once in a while, people get caught.

When people are arrested, they are processed (booked into the cells and personal info taken) and they are automatically assigned a lawyer. If you can afford one, then you are allowed to choose a different lawyer privately. At the time of arrest, suspects are read their rights. The arresting officer will say “[insert name of suspect] I am arresting you under suspicion of [insert crime], you do not have to say anything, but anything you do say may be given in evidence”.

It is then the burden of the state to prove that you are in fact guilty of the crime that you are suspected of. This means that police are allowed to search your home, and take your computer…etc in a bid to find evidence. Meanwhile at the station, the police can question you. I would suggest to anyone who is arrested on suspicion of incest, simply say ‘no comment’ to any question that they ask you, no matter how emotionally provoking. The police may try to trick you into saying that your partner/relative has confessed… do not fall for this trap. Keep your cool and carry on with the ‘no comment’ responses. If you both do this, then there is no confession to go on. Also, if they cannot find any evidence at your home, then they are left with no evidence either.

I would suggest to anyone who is in such a relationship to follow these rules to avoid getting suspected in the first place. But if you do have the misfortune of being suspected, just no comment all interviews unless your lawyer instructs you to do otherwise, he or she would only do this if there is enough evidence for them to charge you. Also incinerate any used condoms and the like to ensure that there is no physical evidence present in your home. Remember, you do not have to prove your innocence, it is the state that must prove your guilt. If they cannot find sufficient evidence, and neither of you confess, then the police have no choice but to release you after 24 hours.