Consanguinamory is a word coined by Full Marriage Equality. it means someone who shares love, sex or both with another genetic relative. Some people call it consensual incest. Consanguinamory, although rarely discussed, happens quite often. Around 50% of adoptees experience it. You yourself probably know someone in a consanguinamorous relationship, even if you don’t know about them. In most countries consanguinamory is illegal. Therefore two consenting adults that happen to be related by blood, and are having consensual sex can face severe persecution and prosecution. In the United States almost every state has laws banning consensual incest among adults. And the penalties in these states range from 7 years to life in prison. People who rape, murder, rob, assault or commit other horrible crimes, get a much lesser penalty than couples who simply love each other, want to be together, and have sex with each other. These laws are ridiculous.

There are two common ways that consanguinous relationships can happen. The first is the lack of the Westermarck effect. Westermarck is where family members who have grown up together develop a sexual indifference or even an aversion to their other relatives sexually. But in some cases the westermarck effect didn’t kick in or was weak and so consanguinamorous relationships were made possible.The other common way consanguinous relationships can happen is with something called Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA). When relatives are separated for long periods of time, like with adoption, then when they meet later in life GSA can happen. They commonly experience very strong emotional feelings towards each other. they may feel drawn to that person. They may feel so strongly in their feelings that they feel “obsessed”. Most people feel attracted to people that look like themselves. When they see shared features and traits in the other person, it just reinforces their attraction. Let me reassure you that all these feelings and emotions are normal and sometimes overwhelming. You are not sick or perverted for having these feelings. And if the other person reciprocates the feelings, these relationships have the potential to be the most intense, satisfying, honest, and healthy relationships in the world.

if you or someone you love is in one of these relationships, please don’t judge them. Just be happy that they found love, happiness, and contentment in their relationship.