Consanguinamory is a word coined by Full Marriage Equality. it means someone who shares love, sex or both with another genetic relative. Some people call it consensual incest. Consanguinamory, although rarely discussed, happens quite often. Around 50% of adoptees experience it. You yourself probably know someone in a consanguinamorous relationship, even if you don’t know about them. In most countries consanguinamory is illegal. Therefore two consenting adults that happen to be related by blood, and are having consensual sex can face severe persecution and prosecution. In the United States almost every state has laws banning consensual incest among adults. And the penalties in these states range from 7 years to life in prison. People who rape, murder, rob, assault or commit other horrible crimes, get a much lesser penalty than couples who simply love each other, want to be together, and have sex with each other. These laws are ridiculous.
There are two common ways that consanguinous relationships can happen. The first is the lack of the Westermarck effect. Westermarck is where family members who have grown up together develop a sexual indifference or even an aversion to their other relatives sexually. But in some cases the westermarck effect didn’t kick in or was weak and so consanguinamorous relationships were made possible.The other common way consanguinous relationships can happen is with something called Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA). When relatives are separated for long periods of time, like with adoption, then when they meet later in life GSA can happen. They commonly experience very strong emotional feelings towards each other. they may feel drawn to that person. They may feel so strongly in their feelings that they feel “obsessed”. Most people feel attracted to people that look like themselves. When they see shared features and traits in the other person, it just reinforces their attraction. Let me reassure you that all these feelings and emotions are normal and sometimes overwhelming. You are not sick or perverted for having these feelings. And if the other person reciprocates the feelings, these relationships have the potential to be the most intense, satisfying, honest, and healthy relationships in the world.

if you or someone you love is in one of these relationships, please don’t judge them. Just be happy that they found love, happiness, and contentment in their relationship.

Consconanguinamory and the Police

When people are in consanguinamorous relationships, they must sometimes deal with the police unfortunately. So this article will cover how to deal with the USA law enforcement when they come to your house. This will not cover traffic stops or anything outside the home.
You may wonder how it would come about that the police might come knocking on your door. There are several scenarios in which this could happen. Some possibilities include a neighbor becoming suspicious of your relationship and calling the police. Or an ex lover may start to suspect, or know about your relationship and call the police. Or a teacher may become suspicious if your child accidentally says something without knowing they are incriminating you. Or you may mention your situation to your trusted Doctor and then the doctor breaks confidentiality and calls the authorities. Any of the scenarios I just mentioned could lead to the police knocking on your door to question you or investigate you.One of the biggest mistakes people make in this situation is to open the door and to answer the questions the police ask. DO NOT admit to your relationship if you live in a state where adult consensual incest is illegal. You may assume that if you reassure the police that both of you are adults and are both consenting to incestuous sex that the police will go away. This is NOT true in most places, and you are incriminating yourself by admitting to your relationship. So rule number 1 never never never admit to a sexual relationship with your relative. Deny deny deny is ALWAYS the best course of action if you have already answered the door. The police need proof to bring charges. Do not give them proof by admitting to anything.

Another thing most people do not know is that if the police knock on your door, you DO NOT have to answer the door at all. Once you make the mistake of opening the door, the police are going to want to pressure you into inviting them inside your house. The police are like vampires, they cannot come inside without a search warrant unless they are invited. They will use all sorts of scare tactics, intimidation, and threats to get you to invite them in so they can have a look around. Just ignore the door. If the police have a search warrant, then they can bust the door down and come in without your permission. If they knock and they do not have a search warrant, then they will knock and pound on the door and if you ignore them, they will go away eventually. You are under no obligation to open the door just because it is the police that are knocking.

If you make the mistake of opening the door for them, they can use dirty tricks like wedging their foot in the door so you cannot close it again. So it is always best to ignore the knocking. But if you do happen to make the mistake of opening the door, then the questions will begin. As soon as they ask you the first question, the best thing to do is ignore the question, and ask them for their search warrant. If they do not have one, then the next thing you should do is say the magic words, I want my attorney present before you question me on anything. These magic words will cause the police to stop all questions until your attorney is present to assist you.

If the police persist after you say this, then I highly recommend you begin recording their behavior. Grab your phone and activate the camera. Let them know that you are recording the conversation or filming it. This will usually discourage them from terrorizing you further at your residence. It is amazing how well they behave when they know they are being recorded. This is a very powerful tool and you should always utilize recording options when they are available to you.

It is unfortunate that the police in the USA are like a terrorist organization in itself. The police will always stick together, and they are not here to help you. They can bully you, lie to you, intimidate you, and threaten you and this behavior is perfectly acceptable to them.

So knowing all of this, NEVER open the door when the police come knocking. NEVER admit to your relationship with your family member. NEVER answer any questions without your attorney present. And ALWAYS record their behavior when you come into contact with them. By taking these precautions, you can keep you and your family safe from being terrorized by the police.

Good luck and be safe everyone. And remember THE POLICE ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS!!!